To honor your child's birthday, you may donate a book to the library by following these three steps:

1. Select and purchase a book from the JCDS Library Wish List. The wish list can be found at
The JCDS Library Wish List is generated at, but a hardback copy of any book on the list would be a welcome donation from any source.  Books may be personally delivered to the school library, or shipped directly to: JCDS Library Birthday Books, 10063 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256.

2. Write a note that indicates the birthday child's name, month and day of birth date, and homeroom teacher. This note can be placed in the physical book or noted on the online order.

3. Email when a birthday book is selected, and we will email a reply as soon as the book is received. In order to ensure delivery in time for the birthday child's special day, donors may purchase books as far in advance as they choose.
When the library receives the donation, the birthday child will be honored in these ways:

• The library staff will print the birthday child's name on an honorary book plate to be placed on the inside cover of the book and create an honorary mention in the library card catalog. 
• Students will be able to search the birthday child's name in the card catalog and find the entry for the donated book.  
• The child's name and donated book will be added to the birthday book display in the library.
• Birthday books will be presented in front of the child's class, and the honoree will have the option of being first to borrow the donated book.

Thank you for your birthday book donation!

Please feel free to email with any questions.
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