Playing is Learning at JCDS

Jacksonville Country Day School (JCDS) located in Jacksonville, Florida,  provides a private school education to Pre-K 3 through 6th grade students in a nurturing, yet academically-challenging, environment. By involving families in the educational experience and providing a caring environment in which children learn, JCDS ensures the success of our students. Our school culture encourages kindness to all, respect for different cultures, and healthy lifestyles. Rooted in tradition but focused on the future, JCDS provides a strong academic foundation that prepares students for success in their academic careers and beyond.

Jacksonville Country Day School is a diverse and multicultural private school that practices whole child education. Our teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in education, are committed to guiding students toward reaching their full potential. Classroom instructional strategies incorporate brain-friendly, multi-sensory, and research-based methods. These techniques focus on students’ cognitive and social-emotional development. In addition to the core academic subjects, students have daily PE, which includes swimming in the fall and spring. Students take classes in art, music, Spanish, library, technology, and science on a regular basis.

JCDS students rank in the upper 10% in national testing. Duke University, through the Talent Identification Program (TIP), recently identified two-thirds of our school's 6th grade class as being in the top 5% of private school students in the nation.
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JCDS is accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and AdvancED.
Located In Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Country Day School is a private school for Pre-K 3 through 6th grade. JCDS prepares students for a healthy and productive lifetime of intellectual exploration, character development, and social responsibility.