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Enriching Experiences at JCDS

What is Enrichment?
The purpose of the JCDS Enrichment program is to provide students with introductory exploration and continuing development of character, the arts, academics, and athletics for the enhancement of their JCDS education.
At JCDS, educating the whole child means more than academic coursework. The JCDS Enrichment program provides engaging on-campus options that supplement and enhance a student’s experience in the classroom. Enrichment activities also provide a place for students to develop lasting friendships, work collaboratively as part of a team and most importantly, they’re fun!

Do all JCDS students participate?
Approximately 72% of JCDS students participate in at least one activity over the course of the school year. Of those who participate, many are enrolled in multiple activities (the average is two). This allows students to experience a range of topics and discover their passions. It is up to each family to decide whether to participate and the number of activities that is best for their child.
When do activities occur?
Most activities are scheduled for once a week, allowing students to participate in more than one activity if they wish. Activities typically begin two weeks after the start of the school year. The majority of enrichment activities begin immediately after school, specific schedules will vary annually.
Who teaches the activities?
Jacksonville Country Day School (JCDS) is proud that the most of our enrichment options are instructed by JCDS faculty and staff who are able to share their own talents and passions outside of the academic day. We also partner with selected organizations to provide additional activities for our students. Any non-JCDS instructors are thoroughly vetted and must complete and pass a background check.

If my child is absent from school, can they still participate?
No, students must be present during the school day to participate in enrichment classes, athletic events, or events associated with enrichment activities.
Do students get to showcase the skills they learn during enrichment activities?
Each enrichment activity has a different way to celebrate the skills their child has learned. From Chorus and Band concerts to Basketball games and end-of-season tournaments, dance recitals, Art Sharks shows, we celebrate and honor the time and effort students spend developing techniques and camaraderie during each activity. 
What types of activities are available for my child?
Enrichment activities are available in a wide variety of disciplines, with options for students to be active, express their artistic side, or challenge their mind. Below are activities the school has traditionally hosted in past years.

JCDS reserves the right to change enrichment options at any time.

Specific Activities

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  • Extended Care

    As an extension of the regular school day, our Extended care program provides before and after school care that compliments and supports the mission of our school.
    The Extended Care program is available for an additional fee for parents of Pre K3 - 6th grade students. The program provides safe, quality care, before and after regular school hours. 
    To accomplish this, carefully crafted schedules have been created for each individual age group and our team of staff prioritize a fun, active environment, while keeping students safe. Our morning extended care program offers an opportunity for early drop off, and students to get prepared for the day while spending time with friends. The afternoon extended care program includes daily homework time (after school), physical and outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and a nutritious snack.
  • Band

    JCDS Band students develop musical techniques and learn to collaborate at both the beginning and advanced levels. The JCDS Band is composed of musicians learning brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The students explore various composers and styles and develop confidence as they perform on and off-campus throughout the school year. 
  • Dance

    The JCDS Dance and Cheerleading program allows students to study a variety of movement disciplines. Students develop fine motor skills, balance and coordination, and build relationships with their peers. Each class focuses on a different style of dance including ballet, cheerleading, hip hop, and jazz.
  • Music Time

    Music Time is a  developmental music and movement class that provides an opportunity for students to make rhythmic and tonal patterns, play instruments, and use fun props. This collaborative class is a fun way for students to work on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination with instruments, and short-term recall skills with songs and games.
  • Art Sharks

    The Art Sharks program allows students to further explore their artistic passions through a variety of topics and mediums. Projects may include ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, multi-media works, and collaborative art. Small class sizes offer opportunities for projects determined by student interest.
  • Sports Academy

    JCDS is proud to partner with First Athletes Sports Training (F.A.S.T.), to offer an introductory multi-sport academy. This program is designed to create a foundation of skills in soccer, basketball, t-ball, and team building. The JCDS Sports Academy is a great way for students to explore multiple active options in a non-competitive setting. 
  • Yoga

    Yoga is a relaxing option for students after school. This class is designed to increase flexibility, coordination, strength, and muscle control. Students will learn individual and partner yoga poses, practice mindfulness exercises, and develop positive self-esteem.
  • Chess

    JCDS is proud to partner with the Knight School to offer students the opportunity to explore the classic game of chess. Lessons will include strategy, game play, and other skills. Students will exercise their critical thinking skills through a variety of chess-based games and activities.
  • Lego League

    In Lego League, students explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts and basic robotics. Students will research real-world engineering and environmental problems and work in teams to design, build, and program robotic solutions. Through this fun process, students will learn to collaborate, explain their ideas, and test solutions through trial and error
  • Junior Scientist

    Junior Scientists offer students an opportunity to explore, learn, and create through science-based activities. These interactive and hands-on projects are designed to develop our student’s love for discovery and science.
  • Karate

    JCDS is proud to partner with Karate America, and offer students the opportunity to advance through the belt ranks. During practice, students will learn the important components of Taekwondo through a curriculum of board breaking, sparring, punching and blocking techniques. Students will also develop focus, self-discipline, and respect for their instructors and peers.
  • Music Lessons

    JCDS is happy to partner with Staples Music Studio to offer private lessons for students interested in developing musical skills. Lessons are offered for students exploring piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, low brass, and percussion instruments. Individualized instruction allows a focused environment to develop technical skills and confidence.
  • Basketball

    JCDS Basketball is a developmental program for athletes in 3rd  through 6th grades. Players will develop basic basketball skills including shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and positioning on the court. Students will participate in regular practices and games, establishing good sportsmanship and building aerobic fitness. Teams will compete against other local independent schools throughout the season.
  • Flag Football

    JCDS Flag Football is a developmental program for athletes in 3rd through 6th grades. Players will develop basic flag football skills including offensive and defensive formations and plays, route running and receiving, and flag pulling. Students will participate in regular practices and games, establishing good sportsmanship and building aerobic fitness. Teams will compete against other local independent schools throughout the season.
  • Volleyball

    JCDS Volleyball is a developmental program for athletes in third through sixth grades. Players will develop basic volleyball skills including serving, setting, hitting, and passing. Students will participate in regular practices, establishing good sportsmanship through regular drills and conditioning. Teams will compete against other local independent schools in jamborees.
  • Soccer

    JCDS Soccer is a developmental program for athletes in 3rd through 6th grades. Players will develop basic soccer skills including ball handling, shooting, and passing to prepare for match play. Students will participate in regular practices and games, establishing good sportsmanship and building aerobic fitness. Teams will compete against other local independent schools throughout the season.
  • Drumline

    JCDS is proud to offer the only performing drumline ensemble at the elementary level in Northeast Florida. Drumline offers students an opportunity to develop musical techniques and learn to collaborate in a percussion ensemble. The students explore various styles and develop confidence as they perform throughout the school year.
  • Acting & Improv

    JCDS is excited to offer Theatre Arts through our Acting & Improv class. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of theatre including projection, creating characters, listening and responding, and team building. Activities may include, skit-writing, improv games, puppetry and character exploration. Classes will include a showcase performance.
  • Chorus

    The JCDS Chorus provides an opportunity for students to develop basic vocal performance skills as part of an ensemble. Students will develop an appreciation for a variety of musical styles and gain confidence through group and solo performance opportunities.