Student Life

A Shark's Life

The Mind of a Shark

At Jacksonville Country Day School we are the Sharks. Our mascot is named Sharky.

As a school, our mission is to prepare students for a healthy and productive lifetime of intellectual exploration, character development, and social responsibility. Beginning in Pre-K 3 and continuing through 6th grade, we provide a challenging and innovative program to keep our students engaged. Our students typically test in the top ten percentile in standardized tests.

Our class sizes are kept small so that each child has the opportunity to work with their teachers and in small peer groups learning and problem-solving. In the early learning grades, each class has a teacher and an assistant teacher full-time.

Our teachers use both traditional and 21st-century tools for education. Students learn to read and write with paper and pencil — utilizing books from classroom libraries and the main school library which they visit weekly.

From kindergarten through 3rd grade, class sets of iPads are available on a one-to-one basis for students to use as an alternative to manipulatives, as a tool for creating their own books, and as a varied learning modality. Beginning in 4th grade, students are assigned individual iPads that they may use in class and take home to complete homework and work on class projects while developing fluency in important technologies. Teachers utilize specially selected apps to present information and to let students practice their skills. They use the devices as "power tools" to encourage creativity in a modern context.

Every week, students receive instruction from specialists including music, art, library, science lab, and computer science.

Students at all grade levels are provided with recess time and physical education every day to give their minds a chance to rest before moving forward in their studies.

Strong and Healthy Sharks

Along with stretching the mind each day, we know that physical activity is important for our student's health and well-being!

Every student participates in physical education (PE) every day. We have three full-time PE specialists on staff.

Our youngest students may practice movement or basic exercises to develop their motor skills. While older students are provided with an introduction to team sports, games, and swimming! JCDS has two pools for the students to use in the warmer months.

The Smith Center houses our full-size gymnasium so students always have a place to have PE even in inclement weather. Outside you will find basketball courts, a large field, and two Kompan designed playground spaces created to make sure that our students are having fun while also working on their cross-coordination skill development. On our 19-acre campus, students will find plenty of shaded areas as well!  After all, this is Florida. 

An important part of our after-school enrichment programs are developmental team sports for students in grades 3 and up. After-school opportunities in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and flag football are available for students.

Getting to the Shark's Heart

There is so much that goes into supporting a well-rounded student and this is something we do every day at Jacksonville Country Day School. 

Throughout the year, we celebrate our successes. Our Summer Learning Celebration takes place soon after the start of the school year to pay tribute to the work the students completed during their summer break.

A number of Fine Arts activities are available for the students to participate in before or after school. The Art Sharks program is very popular for students who love to create 2D and 3D works of art. Students with musical interests can participate in band, chorus, or drumline. And, each of these groups has a chance to share their work with friends and families in culminating shows.

Grade-level productions provide an opportunity for students to sing, act, or dance. Each student from the grade level participates. The Veteran's Day show presented by the 3rd grade is a perennial favorite!  

A number of "break the dress code" and "pajama days" are peppered throughout the year to provide a little novelty. 

A school-wide assembly, led by our 6th-grade student council members, takes place once a month where student groups perform or are recognized.  Faculty and guest speakers highlight the character strengths and 7 Mindsets that are a part of the curriculum.

Annually, 6th graders engage in a little friendly competition with the faculty in kickball and basketball. (The faculty usually has the advantage of size, but it's just for fun.)

These opportunities as well as the daily routine of seeing your friends and trusted teachers help keep our Sharks connected and define a Jacksonville Country Day School education.