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  • Music Tied to Academic Success: 3 Big Benefits of Music Education

    Children who study music have higher scores in school and score better on standardized tests like the SAT. In addition to promoting academic success and brain development, music classes benefit younger children in many ways as they progress into more formal learning. This includes language development and listening skills, which both improve social confidence. 
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  • Differentiation Within Writing Workshop

    “I love Writing Workshop because I get to write about things that I like,” Ella, a 1st grade student, said with a smile. Jacksonville Country Day School’s new writing curriculum is differentiated to students’ individual needs. As students progress at their own pace through writing exercises, their development is supported by ongoing assessment and targeted coaching.
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  • Learning the principles behind coding in Kindergarten

    Innovation is Thriving at JCDS!

    Freddie was a 13-year-old boy whose aunt suffered from dementia and was unable to recognize guests entering her home. To help his aunt, Freddie designed a doorbell system that incorporated facial recognition algorithms and scanned people’s faces against a database of family members. If the system recognized a face, their ID was scanned, and a friendly voice announced visitors. This device made a significant and positive impact on Freddie’s aunt’s life. This story inspired JCDS Technology Integration Specialist Cristina Knodel to drive new coding initiatives at our school.
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  • Swimming With The (JCDS) Sharks

    Not many elementary schools have swimming skill development programs — or even pools. Jacksonville Country Day School is one exception. It is important that children learn to swim at an early age. The Jacksonville area is basically surrounded by water and many neighborhoods are rife with pools. Therefore, swimming is an essential safety skill. 
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  • Building the Future at JCDS

    We are happy to announce that the Center for Learning, Innovation, and Collaboration is on schedule. We are making plans for the grand opening after Labor Day.
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  • Academic Update for the 2019-2020 School Year

    We are committed to providing students with the foundational skills to succeed in middle school and beyond as we encourage critical thinking, an innovative mindset, and strong character. The following curriculum changes are a testament to JCDS' research-based, best-teaching practices, and were developed through a process of careful assessment, reflection, and collaboration.
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  • Pre-K: How to Have a Great First Day

    Starting preschool or pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) is an exciting time for children, but it can feel a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to make a smooth start in Pre-K.
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  • Preparing for Kindergarten: 7 Tips From a Teacher

    Kindergarten is an exciting milestone for children and parents. It is a year filled with exploration, independence, and social growth. Kindergarten is also a year in which academic foundations are built to help foster them throughout the elementary years. Preparation is key when transitioning to Kindergarten. Here are some tips to help you and your child prepare for this challenging time.
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  • Alex Cywes ('13), our alumni essay contest winner, with Pat Walker, Head of School

    Alumni Essay Contest Winner Announced

    Congratulations to Alex Cywes ('13) who is the winner of this year's Alumni Scholars Essay Contest. In his winning essay, Alex noted, "JCDS is the foundation upon which my character and academic experiences are built. I am sincerely grateful for the person JCDS has shaped me to be."
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  • Dining Room Exterior 2019

    State-of-the-Art Renovation at JCDS

    Jacksonville Country Day School’s main building is being transformed to create a visionary 21st-century learning environment. The dynamic new space on the school’s Southside campus is designed to better prepare students for the future. The renovated building will combine the best of physical and digital learning to create hubs and common area for exploration and connection. 
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  • Six Tips for Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader

    Summer is a great time to improve reading skills. We all want our children to become better readers but this doesn’t happen overnight! Like anything else, it takes practice and habit-forming behavior. Here are some tips to help your child become a better reader.
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  • Students’ Stories Come to Life at JCDS

    JCDS students are bubbling over with intriguing stories to tell, and their ideas are coming to life as our students live like authors by jotting down thoughts for stories in notebooks throughout their day and participating in a daily Writing Workshop.
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  • Five Tips for Teaching Eye Contact

    Young children in khaki bottoms and green tops sit in a circle on a thick round rug. A boy turns to the girl next to him and says “good morning” while grasping her hand firmly and looking her in the eyes. Some variation of this ritual happens every school morning on the Jacksonville Country Day School campus.
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  • Ms. Dickert with alums Nitin Davuluri ('16) and Aisha Hassan ('17)

    Alums Shine in Shrek Jr.

    JCDS alums shined in the recent Bolles' production of Shrek Jr., The Musical. Nitin Davuluri ('16) and Aisha Hassan ('17) played the lead roles of Shrek and Fiona. "They both sang and acted with such ease and confidence, it was such a thrill to see them perform," Virginia Dickert, Music Specialist, said.
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  • Why Is Sharky Wearing A Hardhat?

    It is with great enthusiasm and a vision for the future that we announce the JCDS Next Generation Renovation Project. Following more than a year of extensive research, the Board of Trustees and school administration have approved a plan for the modernization of the Main Building.
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  • Small Class Size = Individual Attention for Your Child

    How much attention do students at your children’s school get from their teachers? Class size and student-to-teacher ratio are important considerations when evaluating the effectiveness of your children’s education.
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  • Positive mindsets help students live their ultimate lives.

    Mindsets: Helping Students Live Their Ultimate Lives

    Nurturing minds and building character are the key guiding principles of Jacksonville Country Day School. They are foundational. Each day teachers and staff build upon them. Challenging curricula, targeted coursework, and diverse activities —as well as differentiated classroom techniques and technologies — all positively impact developmental growth. 
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  • Alum Chuck Pearce (‘94) with his wife, Shannon, and his two sons, who both attend JCDS

    Alumni Profile: Chuck Pearce ('94)

    “Our family's journey with JCDS started in the 80s when I joined as a Kindergarten student. At that time, the importance of a quality education and nurturing environment were imperative to my parents, as a foundation in my early education. Fast forward twenty years, when my wife and I began to consider schools for our own two children. I knew that I wanted the same level of education and supportive environment that I witnessed while attending the school. I wanted my children to create a sense of community and build lifelong relationships as I had years before. 
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  • Exercise Every Day

    The importance and benefits of being physically active are well known. Active people tend to be healthier, live longer, and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The foundation for a physically active lifestyle is laid in childhood. And because children spend so much time in school, schools provide the perfect environment and offer a unique opportunity to get kids “moving” in the right direction.
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  • Portrait of a Graduate: Clare Stern ('04)

    “In my line of work, I listen to and speak frequently about shared values and how we can orient around what we have in common versus what divides us. Over the years I have thought a great deal about why collaborative leadership and service mean so much to me. My answer came to me in two parts. It’s my family’s values and the Character Education program at JCDS that has been the basis for why I have been involved with interfaith cooperation, AmeriCorps, and other initiatives.
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Located In Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Country Day School is a private school for Pre-K 3 through 6th grade. JCDS prepares students for a healthy and productive lifetime of intellectual exploration, character development, and social responsibility.