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  • Black History Month

    Black History Month is a celebration of the African-Americans who have inspired us and made a mark on our country’s history and culture. In honor of Black History Month, 3rd grade students have been studying inspirational African Americans who have positively impacted our world. They learned about specific African-Americans they would not ordinarily know about and how they contributed greatly to our country. 
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  • Brandon Stallings (‘02)

    Alumni Update - Winter 2020

    We are proud of our school's role in helping prepare our students for academic success, as well as a healthy and productive life.
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  • Dylan Schwartz ('18)

    Spanish Translates Into Academic Success

    “Hola,” the Spanish word for hello, often rings out in the hallways and playgrounds of JCDS as students as young as three greet each other and their teachers. Experts say that young children are wired to learn world languages in the most natural of ways: through play and exploration. Studies have shown that the brain in children under 10 is at its optimum to learn foreign sounds, improving the chances for native-like pronunciation and a high level of proficiency later on.
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  • Ms. Dickert has been named the 2020 Elementary Music Educator of the Year

    Ms. Dickert Named Elementary Music Educator of the Year

    Virginia Dickert has been named the 2020 Elementary Music Educator of the Year. The Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) recognized Ms. Dickert’s outstanding merit in music teaching and her service to students, the community, and her profession. She received the FMEA Elementary Music Educator of the Year Award during the FMEA Conference in Tampa on January 10. 
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  • In the Footsteps of the Civil Rights Movement

    In conjunction with a unit on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 3rd grade students participated in a civil rights tour of St. Augustine. Bernadette Reeves, a resident of St. Augustine who participated in our area’s civil rights protests, led the tour. History was brought to life through her personal stories and the local landmarks visited.
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  • New Creative Play Items for Early Learning

    “Helping children enjoy unstructured play, especially outdoors, is a passion of mine. I spent many creative hours as a kid building things, imagining, and playing with friends,” Nathan Renstrom said. “The unstructured time led me to a strong passion for mechanics and woodworking, and it's great to be able to apply these hobbies to a project at JCDS.”
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  • Teacher-Approved Tech Toys

    Here are some items that Cristina Knodel, our Technology Specialist, thinks would make great gift ideas for children interested in programming and coding. "Some of these we use, some we don't, but they all have great reviews," Ms. Knodel said. 
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  • Leila Azari ('11), Taya Edwards ('11), and Chelsea Burns ('09) were named to the First Coast All-Decade First Team

    Three Alums Make All-Decade First Team

    Three alums were named to the Times-Union All-Decade First Team for soccer. Leila Azari ('11),  Chelsea Burns ('09), and Taya Edwards ('11) were selected as three of the top 11 female soccer players in Northeast Florida for the last 10 years.
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  • Students Learn to Innovate Through Design Thinking

    At Jacksonville Country Day School, design thinking provides students with a tool to impact their world. Through a process of researching, observing, ideating, prototyping, and testing solutions to real-world issues, JCDS students develop analytical thinking, empathy, perseverance, and a growth mindset as they address issues in their lives. 
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  • Academic Update: Pre-K 4 Math Tubbing

    At Jacksonville Country Day School, Pre-K 4 math investigations are presented within an exploratory curriculum and students also learn new concepts through guided instruction. This month the students are using pattern blocks, unifix cubes, dice, links, and colored cubes. 
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  • Art Specialist Allie Flores

    Bringing the Curriculum to Life with Art and Music

    Recently, JCDS art and music teachers, Alli Flores and Virginia Dickert, collaborated with the 1st through 6th grade teachers to further integrate the arts into our new global studies curriculum. As a result, the curriculum at JCDS will integrate the following projects and experiences.
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  • 6th Grade Learns U.S. History Up Close in D.C.

    The 6th grade class had an amazing expedition to Washington D.C. recently. During the trip, JCDS seniors had the benefit of a private guide who explained the history of the National Cathedral, the Library of Congress, Washington's State Capital building, and other impressive landmarks.
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  • Music Tied to Academic Success: 3 Big Benefits of Music Education

    Children who study music have higher scores in school and score better on standardized tests like the SAT. In addition to promoting academic success and brain development, music classes benefit younger children in many ways as they progress into more formal learning. This includes language development and listening skills, which both improve social confidence. 
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  • Differentiation Within Writing Workshop

    “I love Writing Workshop because I get to write about things that I like,” Ella, a 1st grade student, said with a smile. Jacksonville Country Day School’s new writing curriculum is differentiated to students’ individual needs. As students progress at their own pace through writing exercises, their development is supported by ongoing assessment and targeted coaching.
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  • Learning the principles behind coding in Kindergarten

    Innovation is Thriving at JCDS!

    Freddie was a 13-year-old boy whose aunt suffered from dementia and was unable to recognize guests entering her home. To help his aunt, Freddie designed a doorbell system that incorporated facial recognition algorithms and scanned people’s faces against a database of family members. If the system recognized a face, their ID was scanned, and a friendly voice announced visitors. This device made a significant and positive impact on Freddie’s aunt’s life. This story inspired JCDS Technology Integration Specialist Cristina Knodel to drive new coding initiatives at our school.
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  • Swimming With The (JCDS) Sharks

    Not many elementary schools have swimming skill development programs — or even pools. Jacksonville Country Day School is one exception. It is important that children learn to swim at an early age. The Jacksonville area is basically surrounded by water and many neighborhoods are rife with pools. Therefore, swimming is an essential safety skill. 
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  • Building the Future at JCDS

    We are happy to announce that the Center for Learning, Innovation, and Collaboration is on schedule. We are making plans for the grand opening after Labor Day.
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  • Academic Update for the 2019-2020 School Year

    We are committed to providing students with the foundational skills to succeed in middle school and beyond as we encourage critical thinking, an innovative mindset, and strong character. The following curriculum changes are a testament to JCDS' research-based, best-teaching practices, and were developed through a process of careful assessment, reflection, and collaboration.
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  • Pre-K: How to Have a Great First Day

    Starting preschool or pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) is an exciting time for children, but it can feel a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to make a smooth start in Pre-K.
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  • Preparing for Kindergarten: 7 Tips From a Teacher

    Kindergarten is an exciting milestone for children and parents. It is a year filled with exploration, independence, and social growth. Kindergarten is also a year in which academic foundations are built to help foster them throughout the elementary years. Preparation is key when transitioning to Kindergarten. Here are some tips to help you and your child prepare for this challenging time.
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