21st Century Students

Technology, integrated throughout the curriculum, is used to accelerate, support, and transform learning in the classroom in Kindergarten through 6th grades. Children use critical technology skills that are necessary to operate in today’s highly technological world.

Jacksonville Country Day School classrooms in Kindergarten through 6th grades have iPads, SmartBoards, and digital cameras. Students in 4th through 6th grades are issued iPads for class projects and research. Wireless Internet is available throughout the campus. Students in lower grades use iPads for literacy, math, writing, coding, and other activities.  

The goals of the technology curriculum are the acquisition of skills and integration among all subject areas and learning experiences.

Engage and Create

Students at JCDS don’t learn by technology – they learn along with technology.

We are surrounded by tech in virtually all aspects of our lives. We embrace the idea that students must become masters of technology in order to assimilate with 21st-century life.

On any given day at JCDS, you may observe the students using computers or iPads to build an algorithm to make a robot function. They may design models or prototypes for major projects and 3-D print them in the Tech Lab. They may research historical records to write a report. They may produce videos or slide presentations to demonstrate their knowledge. They may use assistive technology to expand their reading skills.

Educational technology provides the power tools for our digital-native students to engage and create.

Our philosophy at JCDS is to use screentime to enhance learning, while still maintaining traditional skills of writing on paper and reading physical books.