21st Century Students

Technology, integrated throughout the curriculum, is used to accelerate, support, and transform learning in the classroom in Kindergarten through 6th grades. Children use critical technology skills that are necessary to operate in today’s highly technological world.

Jacksonville Country Day School classrooms in Kindergarten through 6th grades have iPads, SmartBoards, and digital cameras. Students in 4th through 6th grades are issued iPads for class projects and research. Wireless Internet is available throughout the campus. Students in lower grades use iPads for literacy, math, writing, coding, and other activities.  

The goals of the technology curriculum are the acquisition of skills and integration among all subject areas and learning experiences.

Project Based Technology Education

    • History and science came to life during the 5th Grade's STEM EXPO on February 25, 2020. Our 5th-grade students engaged in a design thinking project in the Makerspace as they explored concepts about Medieval history, electricity, 3D printing, and Tinker CAD software. They then honed their public speaking skills and presented their projects to the delight of an authentic audience. The students applied higher-order thinking skills as they created, prototyped, and persevered to develop castles that would withstand a siege and serve the needs of all of its inhabitants.