Leading By Design in 3rd Grade

Third grade students recently made arcade games incorporating simple machines and using recycled materials such as cardboard. They had been studying simple machines in science class. Each arcade game included at least five simple machines, such as a lever or pulley.
The arcade games included a marble launch, a baseball slingshot, a basketball game, and air hockey. For this project, the students exercised collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking.
Once the projects were completed, the 3rd graders invited their buddies in Pre-K 4 to come and play the arcade games. “It was fun to show our buddies how it works because we made it and my buddy likes it,” 3rd grade student Nishi said.
The 3rd grade students showed the Pre-K 4 students how to play the arcade games and then played with them. The lesson also taught the students that entertainment doesn’t have to be digital and they can use their own imagination and creativity. By interacting with their younger buddies, the 3rd graders also learn to lead by example.
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