3rd Graders Go Native (American)

Our 3rd grade was "wowed" when Muskogee Creek tribe member Jim Sawgrass introduced the Native Americans' way of life recently. Mr. Sawgrass spoke about the Timucuans, the first people who lived in Jacksonville. 
He showed them artifacts, which included tools, pottery, jewelry, toys, hair dresses, utensils, and weapons used by Native Americans. Mr. Sawgrass also demonstrated the type of weapons they used, such as bow and arrows, blowguns, and spears.

The 3rd grade students were thrilled and learned many interesting facts. Most importantly, he taught the children how these first people lived off the land and how they did not waste anything. This tied in beautifully with the recent celebration of Earth Day.

Mr. Sawgrass's son, Cody, who is a champion dancer, also performed three Native American dances for the students.
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