Hispanic Wax Figures Come to Life

Jacksonville Country Day School (JCDS) students can communicate thoughtfully and effectively in more than one language. This was demonstrated at the recent 6th grade Hispanic Living Wax Museum. Sixth grade students dressed as famous Hispanic people they had researched and recited speeches in Spanish and in character to visitors to their station. Many of the students have been studying Spanish for over six years.
During the presentations, each student stood still until his or her “button” was pushed. Then, poised students gave a one-minute memorized speech in Spanish, and in character, before returning to their “wax” stance.
From the painter El Greco to singer Bruno Mars, from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to soccer star Javier Hernandez, from author Gabriel Garcia Marquez to artist Frida Kahlo, 6th graders brought these figures to life and showcased their Spanish language skills.
The project involved conducting research, reading biographies, writing an informative speech, creating a display, working on a costume, and presenting in Spanish. The students, dressed in mustaches and hats to enhance their costumes, brought props and memorized their speeches flawlessly.
“Parents and visiting students learned so much as the sixth graders shared their knowledge in Spanish with flair and confidence. I hope that this was a fun and meaningful experience for the students. I am amazed at their dedication and effort put forth in this project,” Spanish Specialist Iliana Leonard said.
The students had practiced a lot and it showed. These 6th grade students are definitely prepared for academic success in middle school and beyond.
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