STEM Skills On Display

Jacksonville Country Day School 5th grade students recently held their STEM Expo in the new Shark Lab's makerspace. Students proudly shared two projects with parents: one involved electric circuits and the other showcased innovations based on the future of activities that originated in Europe, such as tennis and painting.
The first project involved circuitry and electricity, in which students were able to choose what they wanted to make: a house, dance mat, or game. The game pictured to the right with the dragons was inspired by the game "Operation." The object is to take the two alligator clips and touch them to two different points on the box. When the player has made a match (a complete circuit) the light bulb lights up.
The second project integrated the 5th grade global studies unit on Europe. Students researched sports or arts from Europe, and had to think what the future of one of those activities would be. Students then conceptualized and designed their own products based on what they thought the sports or arts would look like in the future.
One group, for example, chose tennis. They invented a tennis racket to motivate children during matches. Another group invented a paint tray for teachers who teach little children in art class. They came up with the idea of a moving art tray on wheels that could detach and be cleaned.
The students worked diligently on the projects. "One group spent time during Smart Start and recess to complete their project; they worked seven hours outside of class," Curriculum Coordinator Christy Maurer said.
Parents applauded these accomplishments and had the chance to hear about the projects during group presentations. Thank you to Cristina Knodel, Technology Specialist, and Science/Tech Integration Specialist Shannon Johnson, in addition to the 5th grade team, for guiding our students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)! 
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