Q&A with Our Mascot Sharky

Sharky serves as the mascot for Jacksonville Country Day School. In this post, Sharky answers some questions and shares some of its favorite things.
Where were you born?
I was born off the coast of Australia, but my family migrated to the southern coast of the United States when I was just a shark pup. We stopped in Singapore so I could learn math on our journey here. 
Do you have to be in shape to be a mascot?
I stay pretty active. I love to dance, give lots of hugs and high fives, and root for my team.
Are great white sharks endangered?
They are currently listed as vulnerable and nearing endangerment. Sometimes white sharks are accidentally caught in fishing nets, and sometimes we’re caught on purpose. It is sad when this happens.  
What do you do for fun?
When I am not cheering on my new JCDS family, I enjoy reading immensely, helping others, and I’m an avid Soduko player. Did I mention I love to dance?  
How do you prepare for a game?
I start off by eating 25 celery sticks followed by five boxes of (baked) Goldfish, and two double veggie burgers with cheese. I love to dance, so I usually listen to some music to get me geared up to get my groove on. 
What is your favorite part of the game?
Hugs! I love hugs. I’m a hugger. Oh, and high fives! I also like when teams congratulate each other on playing a good game.
What is your least favorite part of the game?
Fin-yanking. It hurts, it isn’t kind, and, well...ouch.
Sharky Favorites
Book:  Moby Dick
Movie: Finding Nemo
Movie star: Bruce (from Finding Nemo)
Hero: Jacques Cousteau
Colors: Blue and Yellow
Food: All vegetables and Goldfish, the baked kind of course*

(*Sharky has also been known to eat an occasional beach ball) 
Located In Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Country Day School is a private school for Pre-K 3 through 6th grade. JCDS prepares students for a healthy and productive lifetime of intellectual exploration, character development, and social responsibility.