Immersive African Learning Adventure

Sixth grade students are wrapping up an immersive, integrated learning global studies unit on Africa. This connected learning experience combined geography, literacy, math, music, research, and service leaning. 
The 6th grade culminating event of their global studies Africa event was held yesterday, October 14. The students performed African drumming pieces that they learned in music class in the Fine Arts Center. Then, the 6th graders played the African game of mancala with their 2nd grade buddies using their own handmade boards. During the games, children were also encouraged to visit the African tea tasting station.
Additionally, in tandem with their novel study of “A Long Walk to Water,” 6th graders participated in a service project where they performed "Chores for Change" in order to raise funds for Salva Dut’s foundation. The foundation, Water for Sudan, drills wells in Africa to bring clean water to the villages. This year, our compassionate and thoughtful 6th graders raised $400.16 over the span of two weeks. Their efforts will help to bring clean water to approximately 40 villagers in Sudan!
“Way to inspire our students to care about others and be global service learners,” director of education Ruthanne Stabler said about the 6th grade teachers and specialists who spearheaded the global studies unit.
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