Songs About the Seasons

by Michael Porter
The second graders sang, chanted, recited lines, danced, and played instruments in their show last Friday, Sing a Season Song.
The creative team of Jessica Barker, Hannah Tucker, and Lindsay Curry guided the young performers to construct a perform an entertaining musical show that also corresponded with the 2nd grade curriculum on weather.

The lines from this show come from a storybook called Sing a Season Songand the songs and dances were pulled from various sources to correspond with the poetry.
"The best part was when the people danced and they sang," said 2nd grader Mia T. "It was so fun!"
Mia reflected on what she studied about weather in class.
"We learned about when the rain falls and it's still sunny the rainbows come out," she said. "When you're at your home and it starts raining and the rainbow comes out, it's really cool."
Dance Manager Ms. Hannah Tucker choreographed the moves for the beach and flower dances and worked with these students during P.E. over the last few weeks.

"The show itself is a model of the Orff Schulwerk approach which combines dramatic play and movement, instrument playing, and singing," said Music Specialist Jessica Barker. "The chants and moves on stage during the xylophone pieces were developed by the students in Music class to correspond with the form of each piece."

"We learned weather and rain and the seasons and stuff like that," said 2nd grader Blakely G. "My favorite part was the Fall song cause my class played the instruments."
The show was a virtual rainbow of vividly colored costumes and brilliant lighting design by Fine Arts Specialist Lindsay Curry.
The students showcased their versatility and skill as they recited poetry and sang some complex lyrics. They moved seamlessly from song, to dance, and to playing instruments.
Sharky is proud that the 2nd graders were able to put their knowledge of weather into a fun and entertaining show.