Big Rewards for Summer Learning

by Michael Porter
The Summer Learning Celebration in August was Sharky's way of saying "Thank You!" to all of the students who completed their summer learning activities before school started.
Students worked on a packet of review materials that included math, writing, and reading...lots of reading! Students entering first grade and older were provided with reading logs to keep track of books they read over the summer. Together, our students read 3,044 books, or 380,896 pages. What an accomplishment!

Students began the day with an outdoor assembly in the Blue Circle, where they saluted the flag and sang happy birthday wishes to students (and teachers!) with August birthdays.

Our students were introduced to this year's theme song, Cloudy Day by Tones and I, and got to see the faculty and staff do our new assembly dance! Thank you to JCDS Dance Manager, Hannah Tucker, for the choreography!

A number of fun activities were set up for the students. They were able to build towers out of blocks or buckets. There were hula hoops in abundance. Some brave souls performed Karaoke for their friends. Arts and craft tables let the students draw or make jewelry from beads.

Of course, on a day when the temperature is in the 90s and the sky is clear, keeping cool is important...and Sharky had us covered. There were frozen treats for everyone.

There was also a giant slip-n-slide for the more adventurous among us. And the pool was open for a free swim.
Even Head of School Christopher Johnson couldn't resist the call of the JCDS pool!