Incoming Head of School Visits JCDS

by Michael Porter
Incoming Head of School, Mr. Chris Johnson, visited JCDS in January. He spent a day meeting with board members, administrators, and faculty members as part of the process of learning more about our school.
The best part of his visit was meeting with the students of JCDS.
"I had a great time visiting classrooms, getting to know the kids, and spending time with the administrative team in preparation for the 2023-24 school year," Mr. Johnson said. "I was extremely impressed by the character and enthusiasm displayed by our Sharks."

Mr. Johnson spent time learning how students were creating clay tiles in art class and checked out several classes in action. He very much enjoyed some casual conversation with students in the hallways. A group of 6th graders impressed him with their maturity and good manners.
"If I had to choose someone who would be the next head of school for Ms. Walker it would be Mr. Johnson," said Bentin P., who spent some time talking to Mr. Johnson. "He is very helpful and he seemed kind."

Mr. Johnson is very excited about his new role and is looking forward to his move from Miami to Jacksonville. He even concedes that he could become a dedicated Jaguar fan after his move.
He is already a great fan of our Sharks!