5th Graders Discover a New World

by Michael Porter
Return your seats to the upright position, fasten you seatbelts, and get ready for takeoff. We're flying to France, Haiti, Egypt, and India...all within a half-hour show A New World, presented by our 5th grade students!
The 5th graders have been learning about other countries in their global studies class. In true JCDS tradition, Music Specialist Jessica Barker connected academic studies to the arts.
Working from a book of songs called "A New World" by John Jacobson, Ms. Barker selected a few appropriate musical numbers and edited some supplemental materials to meet the needs of the cast. This show made its JCDS premiere on January 26, 2023 to an excited audience of families, 1st grade buddies, and the 4th grade.

The show allowed the students to showcase their talents in several ways. The speakers (dressed as airline pilots) provided narration to move the show along, with some bits of comedy rolled in.
Caleb M. seemed especially "hungry" during the performance as he described the food from France.

"He enjoyed going by his self appointed nickname as 'The Foodie'," said Ms. Barker.
Liam C. also displayed his impeccable comic timing as the pilot who couldn't quite comprehend the word nomadic — as it was used to describe the ancient Egyptians.

Other students displayed their skills on musical instruments as they accompanied the singers and dancers in selected numbers.
The dance numbers were very well executed. Once again, Dance Manager Hannah Tucker worked with the students and achieved some amazing steps and stunts, including some acrobatic somersaults.
The main thing in a musical show is, of course, the singing. The students sang with great enthusiasm. In the closing number, the 5th graders even sang in three-part harmony!
A number of students sang solo parts during the show. Madeline C., Kori J., Will T., Lincoln L., Abigail M., and Annie L. lent their lovely voices to the show.

Great performances are the work of a large collaborative team. Families pitched in with costumes and props. Ameya V.'s family was particularly generous for loaning beautiful kurthisand dupattas for the "Joy" dancers to wear in the India scene.
Ms. Barker noted how well the costumes worked together with the colors assigned to each country.
Lighting and sound were handled by Fine Arts Coordinator, Lindsay Curry.
This show was put together during the 5th graders' Deep Dive week. Ms. Barker enjoyed seeing the whole production come together.
"It was really neat to watch the students' confidence grow over the last few days," she said.