Sharing the Love

by Michael Porter
We love our grandparents and the special people in our lives, and they were welcomed on campus on November 17 and 18 to see what we do at JCDS.
Our visitors were greeted with a short introduction by Head of School Pat Walker, and then were split into groups by students' homerooms. 
They were able to visit one of the students' specialist classes, where they got to sing, work on a craft, immerse themselves in STEM, or learn some Spanish. The adults also spent some time in homerooms with the students, where they participated in some activities.

Some grandparents were not able to visit in person this year, but we did not let time and distance hold anyone back. Classes were able to share some of their activities online via Zoom, and remote grandparents could see and hear what the students were doing.
If there are any positive leftovers from some of the challenges of Covid, the willingness and ability to join events online is one of them. Many smiles appeared on many faces today — whether in person or virtually!

JCDS thanks the grandparents and special friends of our student who were able to visit — some traveling many miles to be here in person. The smiles on the students' and adults' faces were priceless and well worth the trip.