Find that Perfect Book

by Natalie Jackson
Our young Sharks love it when you read aloud to them. Find the best book for you and them.
If you are looking for the next book to read out loud to your children, read to the end of this article to explore the link for finding the perfect book for Early Learners. 
Why read aloud to our littlest Sharks? We know the answer the children will shout, “It is fun!"
There are actually plenty of other important reasons to keep reading aloud as part of the bedtime routine for as long as possible. Our Library and Literacy Specialist, Jen Currie, gives us some of those reasons: 
  • Reading aloud strengthens your relationship and allows for uninterrupted bonding
  • Children are exposed to greater varieties of vocabulary and syntax than everyday conversations
  • Brain development is enhanced 
  • It creates a sense of peace after a long and busy day
  • Children will have positive memories and be more likely to love reading as they age
  • Their imaginations can grow in unique ways with fiction
  • They can learn and understand more about the world through nonfiction
  • It increases a child’s attention span
  • Reading aloud also creates a safe space to explore big feelings
  • Mostly… it IS fun 
Early Learning books are far from hard to come by but the surplus in options can make it difficult to choose ones your child will enjoy. To solve this problem, we have created an interactive “story” that suggests books based on five popular stories you may have already read to your child. If you have not read any of the books listed, then there is a 6th option that allows you to scroll through the books we recommend. Hopefully, by the end, you will have found several new books that your Early Learner(s) will love. 
Click this link to take you to the interactive story:
What is your favorite read aloud book?