Coffee with Your Donut?

Michael Porter
Ms. Johnston's kindergarten students practice many different skills operating a donut shop in the classroom.
Ms. Johnston's kindergarten students practice many skills operating a donut shop in the classroom.
Wendy Johnston loves donuts, and her kindergarten students love them too. So Ms. Johnston decided it would be fun to transform her classroom kitchen into a donut shop.

"I wanted to bring our math unit to life," said Ms. Johnston. "We have been counting, identifying, and sorting coins for several weeks and we thought this would be a fun way to practice the skills we have learned."

The students went to work getting the shop set up. In art class, they made donuts from sculpting clay and glaze. Various students made aprons, hats, menus, and signs. Every student in her class learned about responsibility by having a job to complete.

The students were excited when the shop was finally ready to receive its first customers. The students learned that good manners and customer service were required skills for operating the shop.

"We need to be polite to those we serve and to those who serve us," Ms. Johnston explained.

It was amazing to watch 5- and 6-year-olds ask for orders, add up the totals, count money, and make change. They even had a cash register to operate. 

Teachers and administrators dropped in to order a snack and talk with the students. 

"Learning is impactful when it is fun and memorable," said Director of Education Tonya Elstein. "Children may not remember each worksheet they complete, they will remember each of their experiences."

The students will certainly remember the hours they spent running the donut shop.

"We have had requests to make a Target and a Starbucks next!" said Ms. Johnston.