Remote Learning Highlights

During remote learning, teachers continued to implement lessons that engaged students in hands-on, project-based learning which honed students' critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and engineering skills. Here are some highlights from Pre-K 3 through 6th grade, in addition to specialist classes.
  • Pre-K 3: Built and exploded volcanos and created virtual robots out of recycled material at home in a Zoom lesson
  • Pre-K 4: Conducted science experiments to learn about sinking and floating
  • Kindergarten: Read and wrote books about marine life and then creating jellyfish and other ocean animals in art class
  • 1st grade: Explored rainforests through science, math, reading, and writing and creating rainsticks in music class
  • 2nd grade: Nurtured chrysalis into butterflies and conducted  a butterfly release in 2nd grade (watch video
  • 3rd grade: After conducting research, students prototyped mechanisms to prevent an animal from going extinct. These inventions included an organic can ring that can be dissolved in the ocean and not cause the damage of its' plastic counterpart. Also included was a road crossing tunnel for possums operated with a sensor so these creatures do not get run over by cars.
  • 4th grade: Created brochures about one's birthstone which included information about the stone's chemical composition. Students also virtually connected with the authors of the class novels that they read this year to ask questions about the author's craft. This included talking with Jacqueline Davies, author of the Lemonade War.
  • 5th grade: Students compared, contrasted, and critiqued classical, medieval, and renaissance art and then presented their research on renaissance innovations. They also learned how to compose an essay with reasons, evidence, counterclaims, and rebuttals. In math, students designed a frequency table and histogram for a set of data and concluded the year learning about algebraic equations.   
  • 6th grade: Students conducted a deep dive into marine biology, aspects of ancient and contemporary India, and graphing. They also attended two Zoom lessons with the marine biology experts from MarineLab in Key Largo.   
  • In PE, students participated in a virtual field week, outdoor scavenger hunts, and obstacle courses.
  • In music and art, students were able to choose from a variety of activities, which encouraged them to explore music and art tied into the themes they studied in their homeroom classes.
  • Social-emotional learning continued through the 7 Mindsets curriculum during morning meetings and weekly lessons presented by the School Counselor, Ms. Powell. This included an assignment for younger students in which they created a worry monster to personify their concerns. 
  • In Pre-K 3 through 6th grade, students continued to learn Spanish through fun projects like 4th graders who used Flipgrid to create video tours of their homes narrated in Spanish.
Summer learning will include video tutorials for every grade level, which will explain flexible summer learning paths. The videos were designed to get students excited about curling up with "just right" books over the summer and engaging in fun math activities so they will continue to excel when they return to school this fall.
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