Parenting in a Pandemic

Read these helpful tips for comforting, reassuring, and educating your children on Covid-19 during this time of crisis.
During difficult times, children look to adults to learn how to react. What you say and how you react to the COVID-19 pandemic can affect your children’s anxiety. If you seem overly worried, your children’s anxiety may rise, as well. Just remember that if you stay calm, so will your children.

When talking to children about potential dangers, the main objective is to reassure them that they are safe. Use comforting language such as “adults are working hard to keep you safe.”

It is important to provide understandable facts without inducing stress, as children often imagine situations far worse than reality. Reassure them that adults are working to solve the problem and promote actions they can take to protect themselves and feel more in control, like washing their hands to prevent infection.
To read our full story and helpful tips as featured on Jacksonville Mom by Director of Education, Tonya Elstein visit: Staying Calm for the Kids: Tips for Discussing Covid-19.
About the Author:
Tonya Elstein has been an educator for 28 years, with 23 years of classroom teaching experience. She has two children of her own, both of whom are in college. She knows from years of experience with her own children and thousands of others over the years that the most important qualities we can share with our children are feelings of safety and love.
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