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Jacksonville Country Day School provides the highest quality educational experience through:

  • A highly effective faculty and staff who teach children to think and care about their world.
  • Character education that reinforces values taught at home. The program emphasizes empathy and kindness. Service-learning is a key part of the program, and all faculty and staff members model the values they teach.
  • A nurturing environment where students feel at home, safe, and emotionally secure as they learn.
  • A challenging and innovative curriculum so that students become self-directed learners and independent, critical thinkers. Students develop teamwork and problem-solving skills, and enhance their creativity, through project-based learning.
  • The development of social and emotional skills.
  • A diverse community where children learn to interact and value those from other cultures so they are better prepared for their future schools and workplaces.
  • A focus on living healthy, which is reinforced through daily physical education and recess, supports optimal classroom learning as exercise and nutrition are proven to improve brain function.
  • Developmentally appropriate practices that lead to a self-directed and engaged child who is taught at the right level for her or his age and ability.
  • A school culture of continual learning through professional development leads to an enthusiastic faculty who follow best practices and stay current with the latest research.
  • Whole child education lets children develop their full range of talents while building confidence. All students participate in art, Spanish, technology, library, science lab, and music classes about once a week.
  • A safe campus and state-of-the-art facilities that are centered around giving children an ideal environment for learning and growing.
  • Differentiated learning to ensure that instruction and program are tailored to the learning needs of individual students.
  • A full slate of after-school enrichment programs including dance, band, swimming, art, sports, and more!

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