2nd Graders Write to Inform

by Michael Porter
The second graders recently completed a unit on non-fiction writing, and have produced short books that are interesting and informative. The ability to clearly communicate ideas to your reader is one of the most important skills a student must master in their educational endeavors.
Facing a blank sheet of paper is a daunting task for anyone, be they an adult or a 2nd-grader. The students were able to choose a favorite topic to write about, which made the process a little easier.

Each young writer included in their books a table of contents, several chapters, an "about the author" blurb, and a synopsis for the back cover. In addition, they created marketing posters for their books which they taped to the front of their desks.
Earlier this week, the students moved around the classrooms, read each other's books, and left comments about what they liked about what they read. This encouragement helped to reassure the students that their hard work was successful.

Watch a few of the second graders read their books HERE.