When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth...and Pre-K 4!

by Michael Porter
Students in Pre-K 4 had some awesome visitors on the morning of January 18 – their dads and some friendly dinosaurs!
"The Honeybee class is fascinated with dinosaurs!" said Pre-K 4 teacher Rose Ennis. "After reading several books, the children decided they would like to create different habitats for their favorite dinosaurs."
The children discussed various ideas on how to construct a dinosaur habitat and worked together cutting, gluing, taping, and drawing rivers, dense forests, sand dunes, and, of course, volcanoes!
The students love studying about dinosaurs and soaked up more information about them than a T-Rex eats for lunch.

The students' dads were invited to school to share in the delight over dinos. The dads sat with their kids, and colored pages or made figures from modeling clay.

In keeping with the theme of words beginning with D, all participants enjoyed a variety of delicious donuts! It was a sweet beginning to the day.

In the most intense activity of the morning, the students and their special guests assumed the role of paleontologists. With extreme care, they chipped away at a "fossil" to expose a tiny dinosaur locked inside.