Can you spell DEMURE?

by Michael Porter
On January 12, twelve talented 5th and 6th graders stepped onto the stage in the Kelly Fine Arts Center, determined to prove their spelling prowess and claim the coveted title of 2024 JCDS Spelling Bee winner. 
The Bee began with a challenging word, disdain, but the young wordsmiths didn't back down. They fearlessly tackled a series of tricky words, such as deliberately, appreciation, gastritis, platypus, privilege, and sentinel.

The words were pronounced by the Head of School, Mr. Christopher Johnson.

As the rounds progressed, twelve narrowed down to the two ultimate contenders: Shreya, the tenacious 5th grader, and Nora, the brilliant 6th grader. Both students went head-to-head, showcasing their incredible spelling skills.
With determination, Shreya secured her win by correctly spelling the word demure. Shreya will go on to compete at the district level, representing JCDS against other students from area schools.
Congratulations to all of the exceptional spellers for their incredible achievements at this year's Spelling Bee!