One Last Dip

by Michael Porter
September 22 was the last day of swimming in PE for the Fall. The Pre-K 4 teachers surprised their students by jumping in the pool to swim with their little Sharks!
What a thrill it was to have their teachers enjoying some pool time with them. Of course, the adults were like magnets, as the students wanted to spend time with their new playmates!

As the day passed, the temperature got warmer, making the pool even more refreshing.
While playing in the gym is fun and good exercise, some of the students are going to miss the swim unit.
"You get really hot in the gym," said third grader Anna B.
"It's just all fun altogether," added her classmate, Mathias B.
JCDS students are fortunate to have a Junior Olympic sized swimming pool as well as the smaller kiddie pool. Swimming is considered by many to be the ultimate exercise, as it works so many muscles in the body.
And since we live in Florida, there are many water-related leisure activities available, so swimming skills are very important to master.
As the weather turns cooler this fall and winter, surely the students will also be glad there is a sizable indoor gym to play in. But they need not fret, as the spring swimming season will come up in due time.
"I think it's very fun especially during the end because you get to choose what you want to do," said third grader Taha J. "I'm really gonna miss it."