First Graders Swirl Up a Sweet Concoction

by Michael Porter
The first graders celebrated the change of seasons to Autumn by making a classic fall recipe in class — homemade applesauce!
A parent volunteer in each of the classes assisted the students in using a spiralizer to peel the apples. They placed each peeled apple into a crock pot for cooking...which took a long time!

When it came to adding the spices, the students participated in that too.
"We used small measuring cups to make sure each child had an opportunity to scoop in either sugar or shake in cinnamon," said first grade teacher Sarah Brinson.
The junior cooks used great care and their fine motor skills to scoop out a level ladle of sugar and sprinkle it into the pot or just the right amount of cinnamon from the shaker.
Next, they gave it all a big stir to distribute the sugar and cinnamon throughout.
As the ingredients began to heat up in the crock pot, the apples began to soften as the spices infused into the fruit. The aroma that permeated through the classrooms was irresistible!

"The students practiced patience and self control by waiting allllllll day to taste their applesauce," said Ms. Brinson. "When it was time to taste I was impressed with the way students used their manners. Not only did they love eating the applesauce, they also loved letting people who stopped by the classroom try it too!"