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In your journey to find the best private school in Jacksonville, we are honored that you are considering Jacksonville Country Day School.

Jacksonville Country Day School
is the premier choice in elementary education in Northeast Florida. Our academic program, facilities, character education, after-school enrichment, and caring faculty are all well-known for their excellence.
At JCDS, we understand children and the process of educating them, every part of them — their minds, their bodies, and their hearts. We are passionate about children and what is best for them.

Through a very deliberate partnership with our families, we are committed to having confident graduates who are strong in character and academics, who can communicate effectively, lead by example, and show respect and compassion for others.
As educators, we know it is the process of getting there that is most important. It is about the journey — the everyday experiences that make the difference.

Childhood is the shortest, most important part of our lives. We need to make it impactful — we need to make it count. It is the foundation of everything else.
We allow children to play, to develop social and emotional skills, take risks, learn in a multisensory, integrated environment that supports development at every age. We know that children need to move a lot, learn from mistakes, problem solve, collaborate, and be able to create and express themselves.
In order to find success in the classroom, students at JCDS are surrounded by knowledgeable and caring adults who make sure our children feel loved and are learning and growing.

We provide enriching and engaging experiences for all of our students by using data and research to drive our instruction while varying the complexity for different learners.
JCDS offers a challenging and engaging curriculum to help our students grow and reach their full potential. Our character education program brings out the best aspects of their personalities. Our programs — including the 7 Mindsets, virtues of the month, and service learning — help develop understanding of positive human relationships. Our Spanish, physical education, and fine arts programs ensure that our students are well-rounded.

Words alone cannot accurately describe the wondrous world our students enjoy at Jacksonville Country Day School. Plan on a campus tour, whether in-person or virtual, to see for yourself. (See Visit Us, at the bottom of this page.)
At JCDS, the learning doesn't stop at the end of the school day. Fully 92% of our students participate in at least one after-school enrichment activity. Offerings include programs for students to be artistic, get active and move, as well as tackle problem-solving and academic challenges. Many activities are led by JCDS faculty and staff who are able to share their expertise or passions with the students. Others are led by local experts with whom we partner to offer new and exciting programs. All programs are carefully selected to offer our students a seamless extension of their academic day and that align with our mission as a school. 

The after-school enrichment program at JCDS is the most comprehensive of any elementary school in Northeast Florida. For more information, check our Enrichment page.

Facts and Figures

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  • 100%

  • 19

    Acres of beautiful wooded land
  • 48%

    People of Color
  • 92%

    Students in After-School Enrichment
  • 1:1

    iPads beginning in Kindergarten
  • 5

    Days a Week of Both PE and Recess
  • 15

    Average Years of Experience for Full-Time Teachers
  • 16k+

    Books in the library
  • 400+

    Happy Students at JCDS

School News

Learning from the Community
Early learning students meet local heroes

In May, the Pre-K 3 students continued their studies on people who serve our community.
Three firemen with Engine 44 Company visited the campus to talk to the kids and let them inspect their fire-fighting equipment. One of them demonstrated how fast he could get dressed in full firefighting gear including the breathing apparatus, which made him sound vaguely like Darth Vader. They advised the spellbound students to not be afraid if they ever see a fireman in full gear — they are here to help.
Everyone then got to walk around the firetruck and listen to the siren. But the highlight was when the kids got to hold the fire hose and shoot a stream of water onto the ground.

Our Graduates

One hundred percent of 6th grade graduates from JCDS get their choice of local private middle schools.

Our Portrait of a Graduate captures the school’s core beliefs and how those are reflected in each of our students and graduates. We focus on the qualities that make our students uniquely prepared for middle school and beyond. It is this portrait that brings our mission to life and affirms the choice families make to send their children to Jacksonville Country Day School.

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Jacksonville Country Day School is an independent and multicultural school dedicated to motivating and guiding students towards fully achieving their unique potential.