• May

    Thanks to our Uniform Re-sale volunteers!

    Uniform Re-sale: For (and Beyond) the JCDS Community

    Thank you to all of the volunteers and shoppers who helped make the Uniform Re-sale such a great event!  “We sold 640 uniforms total and generated $2,932 for the Parents’ Association and teacher wish lists,” Barbara Groves, the Re-sale committee co-chair, said. “It was nice to meet some of the new parents that have children beginning at JCDS. They were excited and pleased with the sale.” The event will also benefit children in other parts of Jacksonville and beyond.
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  • Sharks Win Soccer Championship

    The Sharks soccer team won the 2018 NFISAC championship on May 11, overcoming St. Mark’s and San Jose Episcopal after going a goal down at the start of both games.
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  • 3rd Graders Go Native (American)

    Our 3rd grade was "wowed" when Muskogee Creek tribe member Jim Sawgrass introduced the Native Americans' way of life recently. Mr. Sawgrass spoke about the Timucuans, the first people who lived in Jacksonville. 
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  • April

    Demonstrating Environmental Leadership for Earth Day

    On their own initiative and in honor of Earth Day, six 6th grade students set up lemonade stands in their neighborhoods to raise funds for environmental sustainability initiatives at JCDS. Ashton, Nina, Ellie, Izzy, Gray, and Lily recently raised a total of $502 for our school.
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  • Ms. Dickert Wins the Gladys Prior Award

    Virginia Dickert, a music specialist at JCDS for 23 years, was awarded the Gladys Prior Award for Career Teaching Excellence on April 18. She is one of fewer than 100 private and public school teachers in Duval County to have achieved this award. The awards are given to only four educators each year. 
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  • Alums Elise Anderson, Avery Patterson, and Andrea Ashchi (l to r) at their induction into the Spanish Honor Society

    Alums Excelling in Spanish

    It is no secret that JCDS has one of the best elementary Spanish programs in Jacksonville, with students as young as three learning the language. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers, so being able to communicate thoughtfully and effectively in Spanish is a useful skill.
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  • March

    6th Graders Bring Ancient Greece Back to Life

    For over 20 years, the Greek Olympics has been one of the signature traditions for 6th grade students at Jacksonville Country Day School. Dressed in togas and representing the city-states of Ancient Greece, students compete in field games such as relays and tug-of-war. This experiential learning activity helps what they have learned about ancient Greece to stay in their memory, in addition to promoting healthy activity and teamwork.
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  • February

    5th Grade Designs for the Jacksonville Humane Society

    How would it feel to be a dog or cat in a shelter? Fifth graders asked themselves this question earlier in the school year and they came up with ideas for items to make the lives of shelter animals better and more comfortable.
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  • Health Coordinator Kerrie McConaha practices her AED skills

    On-site First Aid, CPR, and AED Training at JCDS

    Safety is a top priority at JCDS. While JCDS has always met all requirements regarding the number of faculty and staff certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED usage, the school set a goal last year of greatly increasing the number of employees trained in this important area.
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  • Ms. Johnson works with students in the makerspace

    Educating for Innovation

    Innovation is embedded throughout the curriculum at Jacksonville Country Day School. The faculty and the administrative team are constantly looking at innovative ways to teach students. 
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  • 6th Grade Makerspace: Learning to Innovate

    “I don’t think the fish should have googly eyes,” one boy said as a handful of 6th grade students pondered a plastic fish with a magnet on one side and a newly attached plastic eye on the other. 
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  • Leading By Design in 3rd Grade

    Third grade students recently made arcade games incorporating simple machines and using recycled materials such as cardboard. They had been studying simple machines in science class. Each arcade game included at least five simple machines, such as a lever or pulley.
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  • January

    Florida All-State Chorus members Tate and Chloe and Orff  ensemble member Shri, all pictured with Ms. Dickert

    Congrats to our All-State Performers!

    We are very proud of 5th grade students Tate, Chloe, and Shri for representing JCDS at the Florida All-State music program! 
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  • 4th Grade STEM Expo

    Fourth grade students have been learning about Latin America in their Spanish and Global Studies classes. As part of this integrated unit, they were asked to make something that would help to teach English to Spanish speakers in science class.
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  • Hispanic Wax Figures Come to Life

    Jacksonville Country Day School (JCDS) students can communicate thoughtfully and effectively in more than one language. This was demonstrated at the recent 6th grade Hispanic Living Wax Museum. Sixth grade students dressed as famous Hispanic people they had researched and recited speeches in Spanish and in character to visitors to their station. Many of the students have been studying Spanish for over six years.
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