Prepping for Preschool with Mini-Moments

Lori Hall, Admissions Coordinator
When talking with Christa E., proud mom of a 2-year-old little girl, who attended Mini-Moments at Jacksonville Country Day School last year, she shared some of her thoughts and experiences.
"My daughter loved every second of Mini-Moments! Mini-Moments gave us a hands on experience and provided us with insight into JCDS and the programs that are offered. I enjoy watching my child's enthusiasm to play and interact at the school as well as the opportunity to meet other children and parents that plan to attend JCDS. My oldest daughter attends JCDS and loves it!
Often when we drop her off at school, my youngest wants to stay and play. Mini-Moments allow her to do this while gaining exposure to the school and making her more comfortable with the environment. This will help to better prepare her for when she is old enough to attend. I also have the opportunity to learn something new about the school each time we go. Mini-Moments at JCDS helped my oldest daughter gain excitement about starting preschool and familiarized her with the school surroundings."
It is never too soon to start getting ready for your family’s educational journey. Children learn best when they feel emotionally safe and secure in their environment. For children just starting school, there is much that is new. Having a new routine, interacting with new friends, engaging with a new teacher, and seeing older children in the hallways can all be overwhelming for young ones. For most children, gradual familiarization feels safer than abrupt immersion in a new environment. Visiting a new school with a parent for just a short amount of time can help with the transition, especially if there are several consecutive visits. Providing young children a safe learning environment is Jacksonville Country Day School’s top priority.
Designed for two and three-year-olds along with a parent or caregiver, Mini-Moments are your chance to participate in a free, interactive event with your child, make new friends, and learn about our school. Mini-Moments at JCDS help provide a more seamless transition for our youngest students.
Led by talented early learning-certified teachers, Mini-Moments are a way to help your child get used to an organized school environment in a social, interactive setting. Jacksonville Country Day School’s Mini-Moments help young children get a feel for what preschool will be like.
A high-quality preschool program is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future. Jacksonville Country Day School understands how important it is to take the time to choose the right fit for your family. We hope to see you at one of our Mini-Moments events or our upcoming Admissions Open Houses to explore the preschool options that this nurturing school has to offer. 
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