Tea Time with Kindergarten

by Michael Porter
Our Kindergarten students hosted a lovely, semi-formal tea party for their families on May 3...and it was a huge hit!
"Kindergarten is such a milestone year and we wanted to invite parents in to celebrate the accomplishments of their children," said Wendy Johnston, Early Learning Team Lead. 
This was a major event, and the Kindergarteners did much of the work to prepare for it. They made tea cups out of clay in art class with Art Specialist Alli Flores. They learned three songs with Music Specialist Jessica Barker. And, they painted a canvas with a special message to their families on the back.

Family members entered the auditorium, accompanied by lovely music performed by JCDS' harpist-in-residence, Kat Braswell. They took their seats according to the place cards which the students helped decorate.
The children, dressed in long pants, button-down shirts, and fancy dresses, were ushered in by their teachers and assembled on the risers at the front of the room to serenade their special guests.
Chef Jim and his team prepared a proper tea-time meal including scones, fruit, water, and tea (of course.)
Finally, the families watched a video of their children reading the poem All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.
"Our bookworms dressed in fancy attire, sang multiple songs, and then joined their guests for tea," said Kindergarten Teacher Amanda Yarberry. "The Kindergarten Tea was a magical event for family members, teachers, and students!"