Successful Sharks Soccer Season

by Michael Porter
The Sharks Soccer teams (all three of them) enjoyed a spectacular season this year, wrapping up with a championship plaque at the tournament on May 2nd.
What a dramatic tournament it was, too! In the first round, Amir A. from the White team scored 4 goals to tie Grace Episcopal but ultimately lost due to penalty kicks.
However, the Yellow team defeated Grace Episcopal in the semi-finals and beat Discovery to clinch the championship.

The Blue, White, and Yellow teams are evenly matched in terms of grade level and ability, so each team is an equitable representation of JCDS.
A roster of three teams gave more students the chance to play.
"We play co-ed and I think times have changed from people saying wow, she can keep up with those boys to wow, what a great soccer player," said Coach Natalie Jackson. "These girls embody the definition of play like a girl."

Coach Noren noted that all three teams learned the game and developed many skills as the season progressed.
"Our players learned how to play the game correctly and how to work together as a team," he said.
With all of their hard work, they were able to persevere throughout the end of the season tournament and win the conference championship and title for the 2022-2023 school year.
"The kids deserved it," Coach Noren said. "They played tough, never gave up, and believed in each other. It was a great season and Coach Carlos, Coach Jackson, and I are looking forward to another great season next year."
You can view more photos of our soccer teams on our Facebook page.