5th Graders Compete in Greek Olympics

by Michael Porter
To cap off their unit on Ancient Greece, the 5th graders took to the field in a time-honored JCDS tradition, the Greek Olympics. Students participated in relay races, discus throwing, shot put, and good ole' tug-of-war to see which team would emerge as victors.
"From medicine, architecture, art, religion, philosophy, theater, and the Olympic games, the 5th graders have learned so much about the influence of the ancient Greeks," said Global Studies Teacher Dona Kenny.
There were many aspects of the time period that fascinated the students.
"I thought it was a pretty fun experience and the lessons were amazing," said 5th grader Jacob W. "I personally thought the lesson about the theater was interesting, but above all was the mythology!"
Zeus, Aphrodite, Prometheus, and many others played important roles in the epic stories enjoyed by the Ancient Greeks; and they are still popular today.

"In Ancient Greece they had mythical explanations for everything which was really interesting to learn about," said Susannah B.
Wisty G. said, "I enjoyed learning about how Ancient Greece worked back then...how they made their temples and how they influenced the present day."
Ms. Kenny emphasized the historical legacy and the enduring influence Greece has made on the world. 
"It was awesome to see that democracy was formed in Ancient Greece," said Celine J. "But the highlight was definitely the Greek Olympics!"
On a cloudy but warm Tuesday, the entire 5th grade divided into four teams: representing the cities of Corinth, Sparta, Megara, and Thebes.
"The Greek Olympics at JCDS is such a fun way to celebrate and honor their legacy," said Ms. Kenny.

The students loved the opportunity to don their costumes and adornments and head out to the field for a little friendly competition.
"Greeks were soooo dedicated to sporting events that they called truces to all wars for transportation of the participants in the games," said Caleb M.
Susannah B. enjoyed the sportsmanship and good character she witnessed on the field.
"I liked how in the Greek Olympics the teams were all very supportive of each other and were not sore losers," she said.
After totaling all of the points earned in the various games, Corinth emerged as the winner. Sparta took second place, while Megara and Thebes tied for third.