We Love Our Buddies!

by Michael Porter
When the 5th graders got to meet with their 1st grade buddies for the first time this year, they turned a gloomy, cloudy Friday into a sea of gleaming smiles!
In one of the many steps in returning to normal operating procedures, we are delighted to be able to resume our Buddy Program. Due to Covid-19 protocols, students were required to remain within small cohort groups (their homerooms) and not mix with others. However, this restriction has been eased and groups can mix once again, although just outdoors for now.

The team leads from each grade matched classes and discussed with teachers which students would make good pairs, keeping interests and personalities in mind.
Throughout the year, the older students will meet with their younger buddies to play together, read together, or work on fun projects. The objective is for the students to build character and make connections. 

The older students are taking the responsibility for setting examples of good behavior and manners during their interactions with their younger buddies.
This year, the Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 are paired with 3rd grade, kindergarten with 4th grade, 1st grade with 5th grade, and 2nd grade with 6th grade.
Fourth grader Louis was very enthusiastic about his kindergarten buddy, CJ.
"He is really excited when he sees me and he's always like, 'Hello!' and he is really, really nice," said Louis. "On our first meeting we played some hide-and-go-seek and then some other people wanted to join."
We look forward to more buddy activities throughout the year.