Practice STEM at Home

We’ve compiled a list of fun — yet challenging — STEM projects every kid can do to sharpen the mind while learning from home.
  • Research bridges in Jacksonville or anywhere in the world online. Then, build a bridge at home using materials around the house like laundry baskets and brooms. Test your bridge with various loads. Finally, redesign your bridge to ensure it can hold a predetermined weight.
  • Create a model of a farm with ideal living conditions for its animals using recycled materials in your home.
  • Design a modern city made for only children. What would the parks, buildings, and streets look like? 
  • Mash three existing video games together (i.e., the core ideas in those games) to create a new game. (Obviously, this wouldn’t be done digitally but through annotated planning and ‘blueprint’ design.)
  • Inventory the world’s most compelling ideas and create a video to share what you have learned with your peers.
  • Invent a math game in which students solve problems practicing the skills they learned this year. After you play the game with someone in your house, have them share what worked well in your design and areas-in-need of improvement. Then, redesign the game by adding some of their suggestions. Share your final game with your teacher by video. 
  • Plan a garden that meets specific design objectives like vegetables to eat or a special shape like a heart, then plant and tend the garden. At the end of the growing season, iterate the design to improve it for the next season based on how the garden was or was not successful in meeting the objectives.
  • Launch a recycling program proposal that solves an identified problem with existing recycling programs at a household, school, and/or neighborhood level.
At Jacksonville Country Day School, our makerspace curriculum enables students to be problem solvers, design thinkers, tinkerers, and collaborators. The makerspace curriculum integrates global studies, project-based learning, and service-learning into the science units of study.
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