About JCDS


Jacksonville Country Day School is an independent, nonsectarian, and multi-cultural school that serves students age three through 6th grade. Please send a cover letter and resume to careers@jcds.com if you are interested in applying for an open position.

Jacksonville Country Day School does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, military status, genetic information, or on any other basis prohibited by law. Additionally, Jacksonville Country Day School does not discriminate against an employee or applicant who acts to oppose such discrimination or participates in the investigation of a complaint related to a discriminatory employment practice. Employment decisions will be made on the basis of each applicant’s job qualifications, experience, and abilities. 

Current Openings:

List of 5 items.

  • Aramark Custodian

    3:00pm to 11:30pm Monday-Friday
    • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred. 
    • Ability to communicate effectively with clients, senior management and ARAMARK support staff.  
    • Ability to respond effectively to changing demands.
    • Requires the practices of Quality, Integrity and Trust. 
    Essential Functions:
    • Ensures building is clean; classrooms, restrooms, corridors, gym, auditorium, library, offices, trash removal, etc.
    • Conserves energy by turning off lights in areas not in use to ensure economical usage of electricity.
    • Keeps the school building and grounds, including mats, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and play area, neat and clean.
    • Follows procedures for storage and disposal of trash (regular, recyclable, and other trash) and transports to designated areas.
    • Wears protective equipment and follows safety procedures.
    • Performs projects as assigned.
    • Take breaks in designated areas at assigned times.
    • Scrubs, strips, and polishes floors with floor machines.
    • Sprays, buffs, and vacuums with floor machines.
    • Washes walls, ceiling, floors, windows, and furniture as directed.
    • Moves furnishing and equipment for the purpose of providing adequate preparations for meetings, classroom activities, and events.
    • Attend in-service training (e.g. blood born pathogens, cleaning solvents, floor care, First Aid, etc.) for the purpose of receiving information on new and/or improved procedures.
    • Shampoos carpets, furniture, and mats.
    • Securing of the facility ensuring building is lock/unlocked as required.
    • Keeping school entrance grounds clean and free from paper and litter.
    • Change ceiling, tiles, and light bulbs as needed.
    • Record time worked.
    • Perform after school activity set-up and clean–up.
    • Report maintenance concerns (work order requests) to appropriate personnel.
    • Follow the instruction from supervisors; adhere to company and component policies and procedures.
    • Display safe work practices.
    • Inspects school facilities to ensure site is suitable for safe operations, maintained in an attractive, clean manner.
    • Maintains supplies and equipment (e.g. cleaning solutions, paper products, vacuum, and mops, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items required to properly maintain facilities.
    • Prepare reports (e.g. safety hazards, work orders, supply requisitions, etc.) for the purpose of documenting and/or conveying information to other personnel.
    • Prepares facilities for daily operations ( e.g. opening gates/access doors, disarming security systems, raising the flag, providing cross walk signs, etc) for the purpose of ensuring school facilities are operational and safe for occupancy.
    • Responds to immediate safety and/or operational concerns (e.g. facility damage, injury, alarms, etc.) for the purpose of taking appropriate action to resolve immediate safety issues and maintaining a functioning educational environment.
    • Secures facilities and grounds for the purpose of minimizing property damage, equipment loss and potential liability to the organization.
    • Operates various types of equipment and machinery which may include buffer, automatic floor machines, burnishers, back pack vacuums, Kivacs, wet and dry vacuums, commercial vacuums, buckets, wringers, carts, hand trucks, rotos, blowers, extractors, washing machines, dryers, lifts, ladders, tools, products, chemicals, and supplies.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    Physical Demands:
    • Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying objects up to 25 pounds.
    • Frequent bending, reaching, standing and walking.
  • Associate Teacher (full-time and part-time)

    Job Summary
    The Associate Teacher will support the Lead Teacher during the academic day. The position will report to either the Senior Director of Education or the Director of Elementary Education, Grades 3-6.
    Preferred Qualifications
    • BA in education or a related field
    • One year or more of classroom teaching experience
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    The Associate Teacher will:
    • Help support the Lead Teacher during the school day by providing another trained professional in the classroom.
    • Supervise students at both recess and lunch.
    • Assist the Lead Teacher with lesson planning.
    • Help differentiate classroom instruction through a combination of small group and whole group methods.
    • Provide clerical support by filing, grading papers, and producing take home folders.
    • Communicate effectively with all school stakeholders.
    • Support the school and its mission.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by and in support of the Head of School.
  • Dance Instructor

    Job Summary
    The Dance Instructor is responsible for educating students in the dance program. This includes, but is not limited to, planning age-appropriate dance lessons, choreographing performance routines, and providing overall supervision of dancers during after school hours. The position reports to the Dance Manager.
    Preferred Qualifications
    • A degree in a related field  
    • 3-5 years experience in dance education
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    The Dance Instructor will:
    • Keep accurate attendance records with sign in & sign out times.
    • Plan and teach age-appropriate dance classes following JCDS Dance Curriculum including a dance for both Winter & Spring Recital.
    • Attend & assist with all recital rehearsals and performances.
    • Ensure children are dismissed to approved parents or caregivers.
    • Provide constant supervision.
    • Ensure dance classrooms are safe and clean.
    • Follow enrichment activity schedule and assist with pick up and drop off.
    • Communicate with Dance Manager about student conduct and performance.
    • Follow dance discipline and reward strategies for student behavior.
    • Communicate effectively with all school stakeholders.
    • Support the school and its mission.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by, and in support of, the Head of School.
  • Executive Assistant to the Head of School/Office Manager

    Job Summary:
    The Executive Assistant to the Head of School/Office Manager provides professional, confidential and complex administrative duties for the Head of School while supporting the school and its mission.
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Three+ years of experience as an administrative assistant or serving in an administrative professional role
    • Experience with the FCIS accreditation process is a plus
    • Proficiency with MS Office, G Suite, and the ability to learn new programs
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    The Executive Assistant to the Head of School will:
    • Promote the school’s mission, making it the center of all decisions and actions
    • Arrange meetings, coordinate schedules and organize daily priorities for the Head of School
    • Communicate effectively with Board of Trustee members, which includes sending meeting reminders, uploading documents to the webpage, and recording meeting minutes
    • Manage arrangements for faculty/staff meetings, conferences, parties, and events
    • Screen and route phone calls for the Head of School
    • Manage expenses for the Head of School and Main Office budgets
    • Compile information as requested formatting reports, letters, graphs, tables, records and presentations
    • Management and leadership of front office staff, stepping in where necessary to assist with phone calls, parent concerns, gate entry, visitor sign-ins, deliveries, and other main office duties
    • Serve on administrative and academic committees as requested by the Head of the School
    • Order supplies and coordinate maintenance of office equipment (copiers, laminator, postage meter, etc.)
    • Perform project management with accreditation visits and other projects as requested
    • Perform other duties as assigned by and in support of the Head of School with the ability to work independently and make decisions for the best interest of the school
    • Support an atmosphere of trust, positivity, and openness among teachers, students, and parents
  • Extended Care Teacher

    Job Summary
    The Extended Care Teacher is responsible for the oversight of students in the extended care program. This includes but is not limited to planning age appropriate activities, supervision of students, and keeping accurate attendance records. The position reports to the extended care coordinator.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    The Extended Care Teacher will:
    • Fill out monthly planning work sheets with appropriate age level activities.
    • Keep accurate attendance records with sign in & sign out times.
    • Serve snack.
    • Provide constant supervision.
    • Make sure extended classrooms are safe and clean.
    • Create and follow a schedule for afternoon activities.
    • Communicate with parents on student behavior, conduct, and performance.
    • Develop appropriate discipline and reward strategies for student behavior.
    • Communicate effectively with all school stakeholders.
    • Support the school and its mission.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by and in support of the head of school.
      • Request supplies for activities each month.
      • Plan activities in the following categories: science, sensory, arts/crafts, group games, centers, books/book club.
Located In Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Country Day School is a private school for Pre-K 3 through 6th grade. JCDS prepares students for a healthy and productive lifetime of intellectual exploration, character development, and social responsibility.